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Zhengzhou Luoyu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (Yichuan Shengyu Refractory Material) is a large enterprise producing abrasive abrasives. It is a professional manufacturer of brown corundum fixed-point export abrasives. The company has strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system, complete testing means and reliable product quality. On June 16, 2004, it was designated as an import and export enterprise of the People's Republic of China by Henan Foreign Trade Department, and has obtained the right of independent import and export operation. In October 2003, our company passed the ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certification of China National Quality Certification Center. In December 2004, he joined the Abrasive Coating Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association.

Brown corundum is the artificial corundum with hardness second only to diamond in nature. Its Mohr hardness is 9. Brown corundum is suitable for making resin grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel, abrasive paper, aluminium-magnesium-carbon brick, iron groove castable and other products. It can also be used for polishing sand. The brown corundum block produced by Luoyu Company in Zhengzhou comes from Guizhou, and the processing plant is located in Yichuan County, Henan Province, registered in Zhengzhou Airport District, and the office address is in Zhengzhou. East New District Zhengzhou East Station South Tower, welcome new and old customers to our company to negotiate business.

Luoyu brown corundum manufacturer's leading products: brown corundum AF sand for consolidated abrasives (12-240), brown corundum AP sand for Coated Abrasives (12-240), brown corundum sand for refractories (0-1,1-3,3-5,5-8,200 mesh fine powder); our company has two fixed brown corundum smelting furnaces with annual output capacity of 40,000 tons; our products are exported to Australia, Germany, France, Britain. In May 2001, the Netherlands, the United States, Thailand, Romania, Japan, South Korea and Russia were rated as AA credit enterprises by Henan Credit Assessment Co., Ltd. [Certificate No. (2001) Enterprise Credit 1136].

The purpose of the brown corundum manufacturer is to strive for excellence, shape fine products, continuously improve, meet customer needs, and provide first-class brown corundum products and humanized services for the majority of abrasive manufacturer focusing on the quality of abrasive products.